Prista PK

Description and Application

Prista® PK plasticizers are formulated from high quality highly refined naphthenic (Prista PK-4n) and paraffinic-naphthenic (Prista PK-10, Prista PK-15, Prista PK-20 & Prista PK-30) base stocks exhibiting excellent oxidation stability and very good compatibility with rubber components.  
Available in five commercial grades Prista PK-4n, Prista PK-10, Prista PK-15, Prista PK-20 & Prista PK-30, respectively. 
Prista® PK plasticizers are rubber processing oils that have been developed for use as one of the components in the rubber stock production. 


   •   Easy deshuttering
   •   Preserving the form of the elements
   •   Corrosion prevention
   •   Ensures  cleanliness of the formworks