Prista MHV Plus

Description and Application

Prista® MHV Plus is a new generation of hydraulic oils blended with premium quality base stocks. Thanks to the highly refined base stocks used the finished lubricants possess high oxidation stability and extended performance life. They are blended with highly efficient additive system including rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear agents composition. Thanks to the viscosity index modifier hydraulic systems/ fluids of higher shear stability operate with higher efficiency and durability.
Prista® MHV Plus are suitable for use in hydraulic systems subjected to widely varying temperatures from minus 30°C to +50°C, i.e. same as in the open air. They are designated for use in hydrostatic lubrication systems and moving parts in circulating systems, demanding lubricants with very high oxidation stability, improved anti-wear and anti-scuffing properties, good R&O protection and high shear stability. The oils are suitable for use in hydraulic systems, hydraulic vane pumps, hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic piston units.
Thanks to the high quality base oils and additives used in the formulation of these oils they are well suited for hydraulic system operated at very high pressures exceeding 25 MPa and oil temperatures exceeding 90°C.


The benefits of Prista® MHV Plus are presented graphically below: