Prista MHM-D

Description and Application

PRISTA® MHM-D hydraulic oils are developed to be used as working media in both hydrostatic lubrication systems and in circulating systems for the lubrication of moving parts and mechanisms, subjected to severe operating conditions. Thanks to their improved detergent/dispersant properties, PRISTA® MHM-D hydraulic oils readily disperse particulates and emulsify liquid contaminants. Thus they prevent as much as practically possible the formation of deposits and sludge, preventing the occurrence of premature failures.
Their special advantages, however, will be mostly benefited in cases where contamination of the system cannot be avoided and here PRISTA®MHM-D will prove that they are really 'trustworthy & sound' oils.
PRISTA® MHM-D hydraulic oils are formulated from highly refined mineral base stocks exhibiting very good demulsibility and air-release properties blended with a highly efficient additive system including conventional oxidation, rust and corrosion inhibitors plus additional detergent/dispersant agents. 


   •    High resistance to oxidation
   •    Maximum equipment protection of rust and corrosion
   •    Prevent sludge and deposit formation